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Industries served

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  • Transport & manufacturing
Equipment availability in mining is critical

Today’s electronically controlled diesel engines use the latest high-pressure common rail systems that require pressures approaching 40,000 psi (2,758 bar) with injection nozzle sizes down to 2 microns. Meeting downstream ISO 4406 cleanliness standards for bulk fuel storage, dispensing, and during transfer can be challenging. NGIX offers the filtration and process monitoring technologies that extend equipment uptime and provide clean dry fuel.


The solutions N-gix can offer for mining include:

  • A full survey of the complete fluid handling at a mine site, subcontractors included. From the time the fluid enters the bulk tank, in mine fluid handling and dispensing, on board fluid streams, gearboxes, grease points or bearings.
  • Inventory of all critical points.
  • Advising and problem solving with quality solutions or proposals.
  • Sourcing and delivery of filtration solutions for each independent machine or gearbox.
  • Follow-up of cleanliness levels at the fuel and oil storage tanks, service trucks and all other filtration points.
  • Solutions for obtaining a fully closed fluid dispensing system. Usage of reliable hoses, quick couplings and dispensing guns.
  • Fluid pumping solutions
  • Inline filtration and bypass filtration for fluid tanks (on and off board).
  • Monitoring of cleanliness level (see Pall PCM500W).



Diesel-powered plants require large fuel storage reservoirs and tank farms with clean fuel that continuously has to be available on demand. Our filtration and separation products are used to remove particulate matter and water, and to ensure that the fuel quality meets engine ISO cleanliness standards in order to assure reliability


Existing and future transformer ratings require high-quality and high-purity insulating oils at the point of use. The increasing voltage and rating of modern transformers and electrical apparatus results in greater electrical stress in insulating material and fluids. To handle these greater stresses, oils with better dielectric qualities are required. Lower residual water content in insulating fluids and material must also be maintained. The proper treatment and upgrading of the insulating fluid will improve the properties of all insulating media used in power transformers. Insulating fluid mainly functions as a dielectric material and as an effective coolant. To perform these functions, the insulating fluid must have the necessary qualities when it is initially introduced at the factory, and this same quality must be maintained in the field.



Oil & Gas
Oil & Gas
During the process of refining, storing in terminals and distributing bulk diesel fuel, contaminants such as abrasive silica, pipe scale and water are commonly introduced. As fuel is transported, its quality can quickly deteriorate to below the ISO 4406 cleanliness standards required for use in today’s diesel engines. Our filtration and separation solutions are designed to remove contaminants so the fuel supplied to customers meets or exceeds the original manufacturer specifications.

Midstream transportation and processing of hydrocarbons from the production location to refining facilities require the collaboration of several complex processes that rely on a variety of fluid filtration processes for reliable operations.

While it is crucial to separate and filter produced oil, gas, and water to preserve pipelines and downstream equipment, other fluids such as lubricants and solvents are equally important for the reliability and efficiency of the fluid transfer and processing operations. Our advanced filtration solutions for midstream operations effectively and reliably separate and filter produced fluids, solvents and lubricants to minimize maintenance downtime, lower operating costs, extend the life of capital equipment and improve business performance.


Transport & manufacturing
Transport & manufacturing


Fuel is the number one operating cost for transportation fleets. Poor fuel quality directly affects maintenance cost, fuel expenditure, fuel efficiency and overall operating costs. From monitoring the quality of the fuel source to ensuring engines utilize fuels that meet ISO 4406 cleanliness standards, we provides solutions to help manage and meet your diesel fuel needs.


Manufacturers are under constant pressure to reduce costs and improve operations and profits. To accomplish this, manufacturers must regularly seek new ways to improve efficiency, while continuing to deliver high-quality products at profitable prices. Ngix can play a key role in this continuous improvement process. The total fluid management (TFM) programme is designed to offer our customers products and services that optimize productivity, reliability, quality, safety, and environmental protection, while reducing overall operating costs. Ngix offers industry and application experience to identify process inefficiencies and provide solutions that directly address these concerns. Our strength comes from our ability to design, manufacture, install, and service integrated systems that can improve efficiency by treating incoming, process, and waste streams. Through TFM, Ngix can help you improve your processes and gain a stronger competitive edge.


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Ngix has a strong brand portfolio and excellent range that can guarantee ISO 4406 cleanliness standards

Bulk Filtration Pall
How much particulate contaminants and water have you pumped last year?
Limiting diesel contamination to acceptable standards is crucial to lower the operating costs of mining equipment.
Fleetguard New Product Bulletin - October 2017
Fleetguard New Product Bulletin - October 2017
PALL Total Fluid management
Taking Mining Reliability to New Depths
For coarse large volume particle filtration
PALL Vector High Flow Cartridge
The Vector High Flow filter cartridge utilizes Pall’s unique “Laid-Over-Pleat” or Ultipleat® technology with felt media to extend on-stream service life to your process applications.
Mann Hummel Centrifugal oil cleaners
MANN+HUMMEL centrifugal oil cleaners are internationally recognised in providing superior bypass filtration for the removal of contaminant from the lubricating oil of Diesel engines.
PALL HLP 6 oil purifier
the Pall HLP6 oil purifier combines the excellent efficiency of mass transfer purifiers with an exceptional level of reliability and ease of use.
Fleetguard NanoNet
Fleetguard Fuel Filters with NanoNet media protect your engine better and hold more contaminants than conventional filters, giving you more time between service intervals, saving on downtime and maintenance costs.
PALL Coreless filter element
Profile Coreless filter elements combine Pall proven Profile depth filter technology with a design that eliminates the core to provide a convenient, cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution for high flow-rate applications.
Graco offers a complete line of grease and oil pumps, hose reels, dispense valves and accessories.
The PCM500 Fluid Cleanliness Monitor is a portable diagnostic monitoring device that provides a measurement of system fluid cleanliness.
Fleetguard New Product Bulletin - October 2017
Fleetguard New Product Bulletin - October 2017
Cummins Filtration is a market leader for highway filtration products and services. Specialized in developing and applying the latest technology to the design and manufacture of filters, which results in low-cost and high-performance filtration products.
PALL Athalon
AthalonTM maximum-life filters deliver the highest level of sustained fluid system protection, across all applications, regardless of severity, featuring an industry leading BetaX(C)=2000 filter efficiency.
Fleetguard ES Compleat OAT
Lifetime Heavy Duty Fully Formulated Antifreeze/Coolant Nitrite, Amine, Phosphate and Silicate Free. Use ES Compleat OAT to provide superior engine protection, extend service intervals and to simplify your cooling system maintenance program.