Preventive Maintenance

preventive maintenance
To lower the cost of ownership, Ngix designed a roadmap for preventive and proactive maintenance. With a unique portfolio to analyse, remove, avoid, and monitor contamination, Ngix covers the complete flow of hydrocarbons, from bulk storage to end use, while guaranteeing the cleanliness of fluids.
  • Studies have shown that 70% of component replacements because of ‘loss of usefulness’ is due to surface degradation. In hydraulic and lubricating systems, 20% of these replacements are due to corrosion, with 50% resulting from mechanical wear.
  • Studies have also shown that there is a direct relationship between the lifespan of a component and the cleanliness of the lubricant.

Therefore contamination control is an important aspect of a preventive and proactive maintenance programme.Thanks to its four levels of expertise, Ngix has dependable solutions to control contamination:


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