Ngix focuses on four areas of expertise all geared to achieving the highest levels of hydrocarbon cleanliness. Avoiding contamination is the most cost-effective way to keep fluids clean. A lot of contaminants enter components because seals are worn, because of hydrocarbon storage and during transfer and dispensing tangible solutions. We group these factors under sealing, storage, transfer and dispensing.

We only work with quality seal manufacturers.

We can supply bunded tanks with capacities ranging from 1,000  to 60,000 litres. We have local manufacturing capability in Eastern Africa. We can also supply tank breathers.

When it comes to transporting fluids between systems and containers, we have the pumps, meters, hoses and couplings that you need.

We can provide low- to high-flow dispensing solutions and dispensing containers

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Ngix has a strong brand portfolio and excellent range that can guarantee ISO 4406 cleanliness standards

Tank breathers
LE’s most versatile breather solution
Graco offers a complete line of grease and oil pumps, hose reels, dispense valves and accessories.