Ngix focuses on four areas of expertise all geared towards achieving superior cleanliness of hydrocarbons. You cannot manage what you cannot measure. Ngix offers the right instruments to measure in a consistent and reliable way particle as well as moisture contamination.



Contamination analysis

Contamination analysis is a tool that can be used to get a better understanding of how wear and tear affect systems and components.

  • It is a key component in root cause analysis
  • As such, contamination analysis is essential to the work that the reliability department carries out
  • Ngix has the right tool for particle and moisture contamination  

Particle contamination

Consistency in reporting is essential when analysing particle contamination in fluids. To safeguard this consistency, the widely used international standard, ISO 4406, can be used to support the analysis. Mesh blockage devices are more effective in this respect than laser particle counters, especially if the fluids contain free water or air.

Water contamination

Water contamination in oil systems has to be controlled for the following reasons:

  • Breaks down the oil leading to additive precipitation and oil oxidation
  • Reduces lubricating film thickness
  • Accelerates metal surface fatigue
  • Leads to corrosion

In order to minimize the harmful effects of free water, the water concentration in oil should be kept as far below the oil saturation point as possible. Water sensors have a probe that can be directly immersed in the fluid to monitor dissolved water content and temperature.

Analysis as a service

Ngix offers a service that can handle all your analysis work for you. For selected countries, we can carry out the following work:

  • On-site oil testing
  • Full lube audit reports
  • Support for your TFM programme
  • Advice on lube usage and the condition of your oil

The services that we offer are the perfect solution if you don’t have the expertise in house, or if you are facing time constraints. Also, if you’re looking to change your system, but would prefer it if an external party was in charge of steering the process, come to us.


brands in the picture

Ngix has a strong brand portfolio and excellent range that can guarantee ISO 4406 cleanliness standards

The Pall WS10 Series water sensor is an ideal, low-cost, in-line, monitoring solution for measuring dissolved water content in hydraulic, lubricating and insulating fluids.
The PCM500 Fluid Cleanliness Monitor is a portable diagnostic monitoring device that provides a measurement of system fluid cleanliness.