Ngix focuses on four areas of expertise all geared to achieving the highest levels of hydrocarbon cleanliness. With best-in-class manufacturers in our portfolio, Ngix offers cost-effective solutions for particle and moisture removal.

Removing contamination

We rely on PALL for bulk filtration. Real Beta 2000 efficiency throughout the filter life and high dirt holding capacity makes the Athalon range of filters a very attractive option for achieving the desired ISO cleanliness with the lowest usage costs base (per litre of filtered fluid). Applications vary from in-line, by-pass and kidney loop filtration.

We also work closely together with Fleetguard for on-board filtration for selected markets. Contamination removal is best done in using a phased approach so that target cleanliness can be achieved.

Moisture can be removed through:

  • Coalescing free water
  • Using vacuum dehydration for dissolved water

Filtration as a service

Looking for a company that can take care of your filtration issues? Ngix offers a range of services for selected countries, namely:

  • Filtration skid rentals
  • Kidney loop systems for hydraulic reservoirs and gear oils
  • Water removal in hydrocarbons through coalescing and vacuum dehydration

brands in the picture

Ngix has a strong brand portfolio and excellent range that can guarantee ISO 4406 cleanliness standards

Fleetguard New Product Bulletin - October 2017
Fleetguard New Product Bulletin - October 2017
For coarse large volume particle filtration
PALL Vector High Flow Cartridge
The Vector High Flow filter cartridge utilizes Pall’s unique “Laid-Over-Pleat” or Ultipleat® technology with felt media to extend on-stream service life to your process applications.
PALL Coreless filter element
Profile Coreless filter elements combine Pall proven Profile depth filter technology with a design that eliminates the core to provide a convenient, cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution for high flow-rate applications.
Mann Hummel Centrifugal oil cleaners
MANN+HUMMEL centrifugal oil cleaners are internationally recognised in providing superior bypass filtration for the removal of contaminant from the lubricating oil of Diesel engines.