Ngix focuses on four areas of expertise all geared to achieving the highest levels of hydrocarbon cleanliness. We believe that the best way to handle monitoring is through  a process of continuous improvement based on analysis. Analysis enables you to determine current levels of cleanliness. You can then set target cleanliness levels for each asset/component and develop a strategy to reach the set targets.

Our monitoring solutions include:

  • Differential pressure sensors (remote or on-site monitoring)
  • Eye glasses
  • Metering solutions

brands in the picture

Ngix has a strong brand portfolio and excellent range that can guarantee ISO 4406 cleanliness standards

PALL Total Fluid management
Taking Mining Reliability to New Depths
PALL Differential pressure sensors
Pall RCA series differential pressure indicators signal the need for filter element change by sensing the differential pressure between ports upstream and downstream of the filter element.
TCS 700
The Rotary positive displacement flow meter combines excellent accuracy with low pressure drop. The TCS 700 rotary flow meter is compact and lightweight in design and offers minimal maintenance and long service life.
The PCM500 Fluid Cleanliness Monitor is a portable diagnostic monitoring device that provides a measurement of system fluid cleanliness.